About Us

This site was created in early 2019 when I went on a bit of a “smart home” mission. 2019 was the first time that I was living on my own in my own place and I got a little worried about losing my keys and getting locked out. I don’t know where this worry came from but it was real!

My initial idea to prevent me getting locked out was to leave a key with a friend who lived nearby, which I did, however, I realised that if I was going to lose my key there was a good chance it would be late at night and I didn’t want to be knocking friends up after midnight.

The quickest solution to the key issue was one of those funny looking fake rocks that you can hide a key inside of well placed in the garden but I didn’t stop there.

My living alone fever soon had me researching smart locks and from there smart blinds, smart curtains, smart boilers, smart vacuums and ultimately smart locks. The smart locks would mean I could lock and unlock the house using my phone which was going to deal with the key losing issue!

After a few weeks of research I came to a very real conclusion, the whole smart home thing is not yet ready for widespread adoption. There are a few standalone things that work well but in 2019 there is no way anyone in their right might would go with the whole smart home concept, it is too unreliable, too hard to setup and the information about making a home smart is just not available. It is still something that belongs in the realms of nerds. Also, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be pulling my phone out every time I wanted to dim or turn on the lights, I am much happier using a switch!

One thing I did pick up on during my smart investigation was the not so smart robot vacuum aka the robot hoover if you are in the UK like me.

My first ever experience of a robot hoover was over twenty years ago, I bought one as a bit of a gimmick present for my Mum at Christmas. While I did hope that it would work it was also for the banter of it, personally I think it did a reasonably good job but she never used it.

Having had a look at the trends it seems I was a bit of a visionary and a lot of people are jumping on the robot vacuum bandwagon when you look at how many people start trying to do a bit of research on them around the festive period!

No matter how much I research I cannot find the model or any information about the ol robot hoover that I bought all those years ago but after reading a load of blurb online I realised they had come a long way. I have no idea how much the twenty year old vacuum cost at the time but today you could pay over £1000 for them but they seemed to start in the low 100s.

The promise of having something that could take care of my hoovering for me was something I could not ignore and given I thought that the old one did a reasonable job 20 years ago they must be amazing today right?

So I started on my robot vacuum adventure, everything from redecorating the house to make it robot ready, which is a key element to getting the most out of one of these vacuums. I obviously started with some cheaper ones and had a few duds along the way but am all in all pretty happy with these things, so….. like anyone who does anything in 2019 I started taking selfies and started a blog.